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Our Story

Our journey, as a firm, had humble beginnings in February of 1994. Our practice was so humble, it consisted of myself as a mobile accountant doing returns in peoples homes , and my wife as the receptionist and administrator. As time went on we bought a home at 14 Bean Avenue and started doing returns "on site" in bedrooms upstairs & "out and about", prior to building in downstairs.
The pictures shown above are of my Dad and I (with hair still attached) constructing our current office in 2000. Having lost my Dad in November 2017 I still touch the walls, from time to time, that he helped me build, and remember our small beginnings.
I started the practice at Bean Avenue having my office in, what is now the reception area, not anticipating that I would need any more space than that. Within 3 months, Sharon Rea, joined me as a part time receptionist (just during tax season), and She has just retired in 2019.
Since then, Sue Filer, who ran her practice outright, joined us and so did KerriAnne Merrypor and some others along the way. Most of our staff have been with me long term, which develops a "family" feel to the practice and consistency in workflow and practice.
From this we have grown to a practice of 7 employees [some part-time], and a turnover I could not have dreamed of in the early days. We have been very blessed and I thank, and appreciate, everyone who has come with me on this journey so far.
As to what the future holds, the pages are still being written. But we would love you to take the adventure with us!
Warmest Regards
Paul Smyth 
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