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Our Service Offering:

We strive to provide you with all the tools you need to have the best success your business can bring you. Feel free to talk to us about enhancing your business with some of the services listed below.

Focusing on the following areas:
Yes we do the obvious...Your Tax return. However, we love to add more value
At APS Accounting we don't just focus on doing your tax but also on creating a sustainable financial future. We can sit down with you and ask deeper questions such as, "why are you working, and what are your financial and life goals," and then chart the most efficient financial way of getting there. You end up feeling much more in control of your finances, with a measurable target for your financial future.

For those looking at the horizon, we also do SMSF's (Self Managed Super Funds)

We step you through the process of When to set up a SMSF? Why? How to start using your own superannuation investment to create more wealth for you when you reach that "golden" retirement age. We make this process as easy as possible along the way.
Why not explore the possibilities for your future today before it is too late.

Small Business Accounting, Compliance & Advice

Before we begin, we set you up with the appropriate accounting and payroll system for your needs. Then we focus on the real work – targeting the four areas of your business management – Compliance, Protection, Growth and Succession.


Compliance is essential to small business accounting operations to keep your finances in sync with ever-changing laws and regulations. We will look after:

  • Business Activity Statements,

  • GST Obligations,

  • Financial Statements,

  • Tax Returns,

  • Managing ATO Audits or Disputes, and

  • Tax Planning Strategies.

Compliance is the most basic level of our service, but it allows us to ensure that your ATO-related affairs are in order and not holding your business back. Plus, our tax planning service focuses on ways to make your tax work for you (and pay less of it where possible!).


This is especially important for businesses in the startup phase. We are focusing here on protecting your financial future. Structuring your assets and ensuring that your business is attracting as little risk as possible.


While restructuring an incorrectly structured business can be painful, the long-term benefits far outweigh short-term inconvenience.


Our experienced team are a storehouse of ideas and knowledge for small business owners – especially when sometimes an outside perspective is all you need to make a good idea great.

Our 'best suite' is obviously small business accounting and 'numbers', as well as helping you improve those numbers with:

  • Cash Flow Projections

  • Profit Planning

  • Business Performance Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Growth Strategies & Action Plans

We’ll work with you to identify productive small business financial goals and provide the support you need to achieve those goals.


You’ve worked hard for your business, but the day will eventually come when you want to hand your greatest asset over to a new owner.


This process starts up to 36 months (that’s three years) before you step down – we can work to get the maximum value from your business with:

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Business Valuation Report

  • Sale Information Memorandum

Not For Profit and Incorporated Clubs Audits..

Is your Club, Sporting Organisation or other Not For Profit looking to have their Annual Audit attended to?
Why not ask our audit team to help you meet your statutory requirements, and offer advice on improving your systems. We endeavour to make this process as painless as possible and conduct everything in a friendly, yet professional manner.
We also Do....
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